Artists of 2016 (Shortlist) – Pm me for Longlist


Right, this wasn’t easy and by no means have I covered as many as I wanted to, but no one has the attention span for more than ten songs. So here are the heavy hitters. These aren’t what I think are the best or worst, just the earworms. Most have been up on the blog at some point, others I decided not to for whatever reason.

In no order (the first one is strong tho):



This personally was my song of the summer. Quickly followed by ‘Malibu’, Anderson Paak.’s album that dropped earlier this year. He’s important for this list because he’s been on most of my favourite tracks this year, all of which are the grooviest tracks about.  ‘Dang’ with Mac Miller and ‘Glowed up’ with KAYTRANADA.



Noname FKA No name Gypsy, featuring previously on projects from Chance the Rapper and Mick Jenkins she has proven how good she is in 2016. Noname released the mixtape ‘Telefone’, which is certified to melt your soul with her unique rap style, almost talking over her tracks. With lyrics that are dark, conveying the reality of living in Chicago through the constant violence. Check out the mixtape here!!



Young producer from London, UK, seriously talented person, managed to briefly meet him at the Soulection gig at KOKO October last year, full of energy is all I can say. This was one of the biggest songs on soundcloud in 2016.



Right, I’m from Belfast, BICEP are from Belfast, everyone I know loves a bit of BICEP. I love them like BICEP loves BICEP (TLOP Reference). However, this year they have continued to bring banger after banger out without showing signs of slowing. This song is the sort of track you here first time and its an instant classic,  you can listen to it anywhere and be immersed in it.


5. D.R.A.M ft.Lil’ Yachty 

These two both had a huge year, I don’t get bored with this song, now nominated for a Grammy, it is certified greatness. Imma leave this here. LIL BOAT!!



These guys are gonna be big, they already are, but much more so. I have been obsessed with their music ever since I heard OG Emoji play ‘DICK IN DA DOPE‘ in his Boiler Room set. They are refreshing change from mumble rap at the moment. Recently collaborating with Andre 3000, he is now the groups mentor and backs them all the way. Look out for them in 2017.



This guy came to my attention though an Illegal Civilisation Short film released this year. His music is quality. His album ‘Bcos u will never be free’ is free to download on Bandcamp and easily up there with the most enjoyable albums I have listened to this year.


8. Daniel Caesar

This song is the one. Really does it for me. I hope it you feel the same, really talented. Excited to see what he does in 2017. Also shouts out to Kali Uchis for featuring twice on this years list.



This guy is vibes and all you have to do is look who produced this track and you know if you know. This year he seemed more calculated with his releases but this one here is a complete groover. If you haven’t noticed this is a recurring theme for me this year.

Honourable mention to KAYTRANADA



These guys have been making their mark on a lot of good projects this year, such as Kaytranada, Mick Jenkins and Kali Uchis. This is one from their own project I listen to every other day.


Rejjie Snow drop your album already…

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