Monte Booker // Baby Boy

Monte Booker is hands down the most innovative beat maker there is at the moment, ‘the sound of tomorrow’, literally. On the Soulection Roster, its no surprise that he is from Chicago, the city is producing some of the best music of this generation at an alarming rate. Spawning, in my opinion from the horrors that occur on a daily basis in Chicago, it is too often that the best music comes from hardship and struggle. That might be a sweeping general assumption but its definitely factoring into this surge of quality music from Northern Illinois.

But back to Monte Booker, this guy is currently supporting Sango on his North American Tour and hopefully in Europe as well, because thats enough for me to buy a ticket. He dropped four tracks in the last month, all of which deserve a post. Check his Migos  ‘Bad n Boujee’ remix here for some extra fire.


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